Does the product used by Germ Away USA kill Covid-19 (Coronavirus)?  

Our product is not EPA or FDA approved to destroy Covid-19. In  fact, there is no product on the market at this time that is EPA or FDA  approved to do so.

Does your product kill the flu virus?  

Our product does kill different strains of the flu virus upon contact. See our Kill List for a complete list of germs / bacteria / viruses.

Why should I have my automobile treated?  

Most automobiles have a cloth / foam headliner, which acts as a sponge for bacteria, germs and bodily fluids. Every time you enter and exit your vehicle, the chance of contaminating your vehicle with germs and bacteria is extremely high. With a false sense of security, most people think simply wiping of their steering wheel is enough.That couldn't be further from the truth. Everything from door handles, stereo controls, temperature controls, headliners, and cloth and leather seats are prime areas for germs and bacteria to grow. Depending on their occupation, personal lifestyle, and location, the average American spends 16+ hours traveling in their vehicle each week, exposed to many different types and strains of bacteria and germs.

Is your product “green”? 

Yes. Our product is a 100% “green” product, made of whole essential plant oils (thyme oil, oregano oil, lemon oil, water, water ionizer, and  bio-surfactants sourced from palm kernel oil and sugar cane for the dispersion of the essential oils into water, with no known side effects to humans and / or animals.  

What kind of pre-application preparation and post-application cleanup is required?  

There is absolutely no pre-application preparation or post-application cleanup necessary. However, our product is FDA certified but we recommend that any open food or beverage containers be sealed prior to application.

Will Germ Away USA treat a home with confirmed or suspected Covid-19 occupant(s)? 

Unfortunately we will not service this type of location due to the high risk of infection / contamination to our valuable staff. As it is recommended by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization) we strictly follow all guidelines and safety protocols to prevent further contamination as it is recommended to everyone to follow the same guidelines.       

What forms of payment are accepted by Germ Away USA? 

We accept credit cards (additional fees may apply with credit card use), cash, personal check will be accepted with two forms of identification, and company checks. Returned checks are subject to a  $50 returned check fee.

Does Germ Away USA offer discounted services?

Here at Germ Away USA, we believe in giving back to those who risk their lives each and every day for our community and our country. To show our appreciation for their efforts, Police, Fire, EMS, Dispatchers, Military, and frontline Medical professionals will receive a discount for our  services. We ask that your affiliation be disclosed prior to our quote  for service.

How long does an application last? 

Depending on the type of the facility and / or location, along with usage and exposure, there is no set guaranteed time frame as it varies. Several factors increase the risk of reoccurring contamination. The more a facility / location is utilized / occupied, the frequency of applications will vary. To get the most of your application for the maximum time possible, we recommend that  along with your daily cleaning regimen, customers be vigilant in following CDC (Center for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines for cleaning and sanitation.


Does your product 30 have an odor? 

Our product does have a mild lemon scent that should start dissipating within the first hour and could linger for up to 24 hours. Although the sent will dissipate, the effectiveness of the application will not. 

How long should we wait to touch treated surfaces?

Product guidelines recommend  waiting 10 minutes before touching treated surfaces. However, our product is non-toxic and will not harm humans or animals if a surface is touched before 10 minutes.

Is your product safe for contact with children and / or pet toys?

Yes it is safe for our product to come in contact with toys and other items. In fact, we encourage customers to lay out any toys and items they want disinfected during the application process.

Is it safe to have open food / beverage out during the application process?

While our product is 100% safe and certified by the FDA, however, we recommend  that any food / beverage be covered during the application process.

Is this a liquid application? 

Our product is distributed using a professional grade fog machine designed specifically for this application.